Who we are

Behind the scenes of fjörð

Nordic Inspired

FJÖRD was created by two friends out of an interest in alternative natural remedies, different to what you’ll find in your average health shop. In our experience there is a wealth of amazing products not known to most Nordic & European consumers, and we set about bringing those products to market at the highest quality possible. Our hope is to inspire others to explore avenues of health they haven’t previously considered or been aware of to unlock their full potential.

Henry Hardarson

Henry Hardarson, Co-founder of FJÖRÐ, is a professional Icehockeyplayer for Odense Bulldogs in Denmark. He was born on Westman Island, a small Volcanic Island with a population under 5000 people on the Southern coast of Iceland. Besides being an athlete, the Icelandic native holds an entrepreneurial spirit & curiosity that never allows him to sit still. He’s always searching for new ways to improve his health, his mind and his body.

After suffering a lower back injury back in 2019, he started looking for alternative treatments after several rounds of failed treatments through his doctor. This led him to his first encounter with CBD products, which helped relieve his pain and recovery from his injury. Shortly after he started researching the market for reliable CBD products for athletes and active individuals, and was surprised to find the market was very limited. This is where idea of FJÖRÐ arose, a lifestyle brand with the customers needs in center.Henry uses FJÖRÐ’s Athlete – Strawberry 10% CBD oil & CBD Muscle Balm as part of his everyday routine, to ensure that he gives himself the best circumstances on and off the ice.

Mark Bjerregaard

Mark is a former elite swimmer and a hiker by heart, with love for most things outdoors, barring mosquitos and pesky tics. When he isn’t enjoying cozy campfires or trekking the coasts and mountains of Scandinavia, he can be found nerding away at his studies in Copenhagen. As a busy student, Mark knows the value of proper nutrition and an active lifestyle.

After spending two years in Holland he’d discovered the mental and physical benefits of CBD products and was disappointed to discover the lack of high quality products on the Scandinavian market. As Henry was Marks brother-in-law and had the same realisation, the two united to make FJÖRÐ a reality.

Mark uses FJÖRÐ’s Flow - Natural 10% CBD oil
for mental focus and physical well-being, as well as CBD Muscle Balm to recover from sports and hikes.