Our company is a collective of amazing people striving to make a positive impact one product at a time.

At FJÖRÐ we believe every company has a duty to contribute something to its surrounding community. Specifically FJÖRÐ is dedicated to the UN’s sustainable development goals of climate action, life below water and life on land. As we have a strong passion for nature we want to make sure the world stays green, beautiful and full of life for many generations to come

13 - Climate Action

If the current development of the climate continues, it will dramatically change our landscapes and way of life, including our beautiful nature. It is the long term goal of FJÖRÐ to use proceeds from sales to launch our FJÖRÐ FORESTS project, reforesting barren unused land to restore the lungs of our planet

14 - Life below water

One of the most wonderful features of the fjord is its bountiful life under water. As overfishing and toxification is putting this life at risk, we are dedicated to supporting projects that can save our subaquatic friends and promote a stable, healthy sea environment

15 - Life on Land

As nature lovers we hope everyone will have access to forests and all the life that resides within them for many centuries to come. We are dedicated to actively ensuring this will come to be, supporting projects that protect and promote our forests and the outdoor lifestyle

Try it Yourself.

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